A lot of it will be tourist traffic – There will soon be so much traffic in space?much of from tourists?that traffic jams are expected. Some people want to set up some traffic laws NOW, before it’s too late.

Work is progressing on a Code of Conduct for Space, and just like on highways here on earth, one rule should be: NO littering! Futurist Ray Williamson says, “We look at this important work on a Code of Conduct for Space as also a first step in developing a well-defined piece of space traffic management.”

Drafting a code for space is no easy task. Work is required on deliberating what constitutes “no harmful interference” of space objects, as well as clarifying what are space weapons, such as anti-satellites (ASATs).

“It’s what civilized people do,” Williamson says. “We operate by all sorts of codes of conduct here on Earth, particularly in ocean operations on the high seas, be they for military or civilian purposes.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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