…Something that happened in her home town! – First we told you what Jim Marrs is going to talk about at our FIRST Dreamland conference in Nashville on June 27-29. Now Linda Howe has told us what SHE?S going to talk about there. Tickets are $25 off for a limited time only and subscribers have a coupon to gives them an EXTRA $25 off! The theme of the festival is High Strangeness, and Linda’s report will certainly fulfill that description! She will be reporting on a military encounter with a glowing disc in Albuquerque, New Mexico (her hometown). Keep reading for details and to find out how to purchase a ticket.

To buy a ticket, click on the latest and it will be the first item on the list. Click here to find out more and purchase a ticket.

We have posted a “Dreamland Special” conversation between Anne Strieber and William Henry, during which William tells us why Nashville, where conference is being held, is such a special place.

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