On July 19, Whitley Strieber wrote about what seemed to be a time travel experience, during which he says, “I was given a sheet of paper that felt more like plastic than paper. Today he discovered that this device is REAL and may become common in the near future.

Whitley wrote, “It could be folded, and would stay folded, but when it was unfolded, it would stay unfolded and stiff in your hand! It was really very odd in this way. It could be written on, and the handwriting?even MINE!!?turned into neatly printed letters.”

Today, he opened his email and found that a reader had sent him this link from CNN. In it, a new device is described in which a newspaper can be printed on a flexible sheet of plastic, using “tiny capsules that when energized create text and images.”

To see the flexible newsreader device, which is strikingly similar inappearance to what Whitley describes, go to CNN.com’s main page and scroll down until you see a gray box labeled “YOUR DIGITAL WORLD.” Click the link there and a popup window will appear. The next-to-last item on thelist of images is the foldable PDA/newsreader. Or you can just paste the above link into your browser.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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