Those mysterious booms are back–this time in Canada! Ontario’s Environment Ministry is investigating reports of mysterious rumblings in that part of the country. In the Windsor Star, Dave Battagello quotes resident Sonya Skillings as saying, "It’s in the ground and it feels like there is a subway under the house. It happens at all different times–in the middle of the night, as well. We just want to know what the noise is. It’s just weird that nobody knows. If it’s not the salt mines, then what is it?"

The Ministry of Environment is asking homeowners in the area to keep a log of when the booms occur, in order to help find the source. Battagello reports that Teri Gilbert, of the local Environment Ministry office, has ruled out mining activities by salt companies on either side of the border because "their operations are not coinciding with the times people are feeling these (vibrations)."

Another possibility could be jets circling overhead, waiting to land in the local airport, but area residents don’t think that’s the explanation. Battagello quotes Skillings as saying, "The vibrations definitely are more underground. All I hear is the rumbling." He quotes Gilbert as saying, "It’s a mystery. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to it."

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