We told you earlier about how massive commercial hog farms are so disgusting that in Florida they’re trying to pass a law making it illegal to photograph them. The conditions are so awful that pigs are ESCAPING!

Researcher Paul Curtis says, "Breeding populations of wild boar are becoming established in New York State. These invasive, non-native hogs can cause tremendous damage to crops and native plant communities. There is also a risk of spreading diseases from feral hogs to domestic livestock. Feral swine produce rapidly, have large litters of six to eight piglets, and can produce multiple litters per year. "Now is the time to control abundance of feral hogs before the population explodes. A conservative estimate of wild pig damage to crops and the environment is $1.5 billion annually in the US."

We absolutely guarantee that no wild hogs will chase you in lovely, flower and music-filled Nashville, where we are holding our annual Dreamland Festival. Come meet all our favorite Dreamland hosts IN PERSON (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)–we’ll have a great time!

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