The so-called ?alien implants? that have been found in the bodies of some of the people who report UFO abductions, when removed by physicians like Dr. Roger Leir, are often found to have a small magnetic field. This may be a clue that they affect the brain, either by enhancing it or changing it in some way via magnetism.

Now Australian scientists say they have created a ?thinking cap? that uses magnetism to unlock the inner genius that lurks in the dormant parts of our brains. It?s based on the idea that we all have the sorts of extraordinary abilities usually associated with savants. Savants are people who have most likely experienced brain damage in the womb. They appear retarded in many ways, but have amazing talents in certain fields, such as art, music, memory or mathematical calculation. In the film ?Rain Man,? Dustin Hoffman played a savant.

One theory behind savant syndrome is that the right side of the brain overcompensates for damage to the left hemisphere. The skills most often seen in savants are those associated with the right side. According to Snyder, it?s possible to train someone to access this state by controlling their brain waves.

Professor Allan Snyder and colleague Elaine Mulcahy say tests on 17 volunteers show their device can improve drawing skills within 15 minutes. Professor Steve Williams of the Institute of Psychiatry in London, says, ?This shock finding that everyone might possess unconscious skills that can be ?switched on? with magnetic stimulation will challenge many of our conventional views regarding creativity.?

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