Over the past thirty days, Unknowncountry.com reached another all-time record in hits: 13,004,308. Yes, you read that right–thirteen million! That averages out to 419,493 hits a day. You also spent an average of nine minutes on the site each time you came, which is up again from last period and way above average for websites.

This means that you find the site interesting, which makes us glad because we do, too! We promise to continue our unique formula of presenting stories that are on the credible edge, or are being ignored by the mainstream, because this is what you like to get and what we like to deliver.

While our privacy policy means that the site only collects information about you that you give us, such as when you add your e-mail to our mailing list or order from our store, we do keep track of how many of you visit each page, without recording who you are.

The great majority of you start your internet surfing with Unknowncountry.com, which means you make us your home page, and we think that’s a great idea, because that way you never miss a single story.

After you enter the site, you access Dreamland, Mindframe, the Edge and Whitley’s Journal, in that order. Our store is next on the list–and thanks for making it so popular, too. We’re grateful for your patronage. It means that Whitley and Anne can keep the site going.

Many thousands of you enjoy the Unknowncountry.com community on our message boards, and so does Whitley, who often lurks there and sometimes participates.

Thank you for making Unknowncountry.com the largest website of its kind in the world. (Easy for us to say. There’s nothing else quite like it.)

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