Many famous celebrities are no stranger to the close encounter phenomenon (for instance, film director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he encountered a “crappy” UFO near Guadalajara, Mexico)…

Most recently, actress Goldie Hawn has revealed that she had a face to face encounter with beings from another world in the mid-1960s while taking a nap near the desert in California. Hawn now joins her husband, Kurt Russell, as a publicly-known experiencer.  Russell revealed in 2017 that he witnessed the ‘Phoenix Lights’ sightings in 1997. However, Hawn’s early encounter has an aspect more akin to contemporary CE-5 efforts, in that she may have been the one to call the entities—however briefly—into her life.

Hawn described the close encounter while hosting the October 23 episode of the “Time to Walk” podcast on Apple Fitness+, recounting the experience as she narrated a countryside hike around her ranch in Colorado. The topic began with the remark “wonder has always been part of my world. You know, it’s kind of funny that we have, extraordinary experiences in our lives, and some of them are just not explainable.”

Goldie Hawn is a veteran actress that first rose to Hollywood fame in the late 1960s, and prior to that she was a professional dancer, a passion that she discovered early in her childhood.  Dance transported her to a state of flow in which she felt “part of connecting to the universe.” This passion led to dancing jobs around the country, including gigs in Southern California.

“You know, I – I – I’ve never shared this story,” Hawn admitted. She explained that she was about 20 years old when she had her encounter, “a time when, you know, there was a lot of UFO sightings and lots of things about this.”

“And, and I remember this so clearly, I went outside my door, and I sat on the little ledge, and, and I looked up at the dark sky,” she continued. “And I saw all these stars. And all I could think of was, ‘How far does this go? How little are we? Are we the only planet in the whole, wide universe that has life on it?’”

“And then I said, ‘I know you’re out there. I know we’re not alone, and I would like to meet you one day.’”

And it turned out that someone may very well have taken her up on that invitation: a number of months later, Hawn had picked up a dancing gig in West Covina, California; during rehearsal she found she was exhausted, and asked a friend if she could take a nap in his car. “I don’t know why I said that,” she said. “I don’t know why I didn’t just lie down on the bleachers. But I got to his car, and I think I got into a position of sleep, but I do not remember anything after that.”

The next thing Hawn remembered was hearing a high-pitched sound. “It was this high, high frequency,” she recounted. “And I looked out the window, and I saw these two or three triangular-shaped heads. They were silver in color, slash for a mouth, tiny little nose, no ears.

“They were pointing at me, pointing at me in the car as if they were discussing me, like I was a subject. And they were droning…”

Hawn found that she was paralyzed, unable to move in response to her unusual visitors; she thought “Oh, my God. I want to get up,” and after some time she broke through her paralyzed state. “It was like bursting out of a forcefield,” she said. “And of course I go back to all the kids and stuff, and I went, ‘Oh, my God. I think I made contact with outer space,’ I mean, something like that.”

“I kind of wondered if I was just dreaming all this until these books came out,” Hawn said. Although she didn’t mention what titles she was referring to, she described them as being about “people who’ve made contact, people who’ve had UFO experiences, and their stories were like mine. They were paralyzed. There was a high-pitched sound. So then I started looking at this as something that might be real.”

Although Hawn had found validation for her experience, the story didn’t end there: years later she met an astrophysicist at the University of Champaign, Illinois, who took her “into his virtual reality lab,” where she experienced a simulation of flying through the stars of the galaxy. “I was happy. I was calm. It felt so beautiful. It was so weird, but I felt kind of at home.”

After remarking that she had had a visitation years before, her host revealed himself to be a long-time UFO researcher, and began asking her questions about the entities’ appearance. “It was kind of like regression therapy or something,” Hawn recounted. “I am, like, almost in a trance. And suddenly I remembered something.”

“They touched my face. They touched my face, and it felt like the finger of God. It was the most benevolent, loving feeling. This was powerful. It was filled with light. It was, oh, God, look at me. I’m telling a story, and I get emotional.”

Years later, Hawn was invited to explore newly-formed crops circles in Avebury, but not before she had a dream involving UFOs.

“I dreamed that I was overlooking a valley, and then there were some little mountains up across the valley, and I saw these six lights come up over the mountain. I said ‘Oh, goodie. They’re here, they’re finally here!'”

The next day she drove out to Avebury where she received news that a new formation had appeared overnight. “We got to the spot, and, by God, I was standing on this hill, looking down over a valley that was dark. That was exactly the spot in my dream, and a crop circle of just a heart,” a formation that her friends said that they’d “never seen this before.”

Although she didn’t specify what formation she was describing—there have been a number of crop circles that have featured hearts, such as one that appeared in West Kennet in 2000—the experience prompted Hawn to take the symbolism, quite literally, to heart.

“I have collected hearts my whole life,” she remarked. “I built a house of hearts. I, I have done everything with hearts.”

“We cut ourselves off from a lot of things if we’re continuing to deny something that we have no proof over,” Hawn said, close to the end of the episode. “There’s a lot of things in this world that we can’t see, but we can’t stop believing.

“We can never, EVER lose our wonder. It’s just no fun. It’s really an important aspect of being an adventurer, where nothing is impossible.”

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  1. I would love to hear more from Goldie and Kurt . It’s not coincide that they gravitated together as life partners . They share a bond with the universe and I,m glad Goldie had an experience filled with love and wonder .
    Many experiences have devastatingly horrible encounters and that makes me feel sad .

    1. FRANCES TOCK…….

      An interview with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell would be awesome. Each one describing their own experiences.

    2. It is heartening to hear about experiences of loving, benevolent contacts like this.

  2. I first seen this story on fb, and I thought it was so cool because more beings of her stature I know have had experiences but don’t want coming out about it possibly ruin their career or whatever their reasonings are which is okay. I just feel like her coming to light on her experience, others will start to come out of the wood work, too. We can only hope at least! Anyways anytime this subject is brought up by someone unexpected, it gets me excited to know the tides are surely changing!

    And Whitley if you could answer a question i have, have you ever heard of Stan Romanek? His story has had me puzzled for a while now and I am so interested in where he is at now.. if you haven’t heard of him, you should look him up. Like you, he has amazing evidence of his high strangeness experiences but yet he was framed and silenced. That’s the part I haven’t figured out yet and i love your take on things so I thought I’d shoot my shot by asking.

    Thank you Whitley, much love and light to you and Anne 💕

  3. Well where can i listen to this podcast episode? It seems like apple has made it available only for people that use their phones or something

    1. I didn’t think to mention in the article that this podcast appears to be exclusive to the Apple Fitness+ app, so it doesn’t appear to be available for Android or PC.

      If you follow the News Source link at the end of the article you’ll find the page for ‘Time to Walk with Goldie Hawn’; at the bottom there’s a ‘Read Workout Transcript’ link that will expand the episode’s transcript. It might lack the benefit of Goldie’s voice, but at least we can read what she said.

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