In her diary of August 21st, Anne Strieber writes: “Latelythere’s been a great controversy about whether ‘the surge’?which sent 28,000 more troops into Iraq a year ago? has ‘worked’ or not, with the US military and John McCain saying yes, it’s been effective and critics of the war saying no, it hasn’t been. But to me the whole question is a matter of words and is thus completely meaningless [because] it’s been proven that when you put a cop on every corner, you reduce crime, and that’s what the surge is: the military equivalent of a cop on every corner.? The trouble is, you have to KEEP them there (meaning our troops can?t ever come home). But now NASA satellites have REVEALED why the surge seemed to work, and it had nothing to do with US troops.

The September 17 edition of New Scientist reports that “The recent lessening of violence in Baghdad?has nothing to do with last year?s ‘surge’ in US troop numbers, satellite images suggest. By comparing the number and brightness of lights switched on at night before, during and after the extra trooper were deployed, researchers at the University of California?were able to track the shifts of Sunni and Shiite populations. They found the lights had dimmed much more in certain Sunni districts, and that this trend began before the surge.

“John Agnew, who lead the study, suggests the Sunnis were driven out by their Shiite neighbors, reducing the scope for conflict between the two communities. [He says], ‘Many of the refugees in Syria and Jordan are Sunnis from these neighborhoods and when they left they turned off the lights.'”

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