Dreamland host William Henry writes: “In 2004, I began reporting that the particle accelerator at CERN is a stargate. It fulfillsMayan and Messianic prophecy. This is based on my mythological profiling of the symbolism at CERN and the observations of scientists. Now, we have direct confirmation of this from a physicist at CERN.”

The unexpected corroboration came on September 28, when 60 Minutes aired a tour inside the troubled particle accelerator/Big Bang Machine near Geneva, Switzerland, where Steve Kroft interviewed physicist Bob Stanek.

Here’s the pertinent exchange between Kroft and Stanek:

Stanek: “Because we’ve studied the interactions of photons and electrons and elementary particles, we can understand how to take the light that bounces off of me and you into that camera and take that signal and put it into mom and pop’s living room [he’s describing TV transmission]. Now, imagine, in 10 years, 20 years, will we be able to take, instead of our photons, me and you and put them in mom and pop’s living room?”

Kroft: “Transport people?”

Stanek: “I don’t know enough right now. But I can’t say it can’t happen.”

William says, “We get the message, Mr. Stanek. You wish you could say more. But, you’ve already said enough by telling us exactly what CERN actually is: a stargate device. Thank you finally telling us the real story.

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