It’s not those mysterious statues, it’s something in the dirt that surrounds them. When researchers added rapamycin to the diet of healthy mice throughout their life span, their learning and memory was enhanced when they were young and actually IMPROVED when they ere old. Rapamycin is a bacterial product first isolated from soil on Easter Island.

In HSC News, Will Sansom and Sheila Hotchkin quote phsysiologist Veronica Galvan as saying, "We made the young ones learn, and remember what they learned, better than what is normal. Among the older mice, the ones fed with a diet including rapamycin actually showed an improvement, negating the normal decline that you see in these functions with age." The drug also lowered anxiety and depressive-like behavior in the mice.

Maybe this shows how those Easter Islanders were smart enough to create those huge statues. Rapamycin is already administered to transplant patients to prevent organ rejection.

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