Burying carbon dioxide in the ground or even in the ocean has been proposed as one of the solutions to the greenhouse gas problem BUT there’s evidence that it may lead to earthquakes.

In Bloomberg News, Jim Efstathiou Jr. quotes a spokesperson for the National Research Council as saying that it "may have the potential for causing significant induced seismicity." We already know that Injecting wastewater underground from natural-gas fracking may also trigger earthquakes.

Efstathiou quotes geologist Murray Hitzman as saying that burying carbon may be a higher quake than wastewater disposal from fracking because it involves the continuous injection of high volumes of liquefied gas at high pressure.

According to Hitzman, "Those larger volumes then will increase the pressure in the subsurface over very large areas. The bigger the area of the high pressure, the more chance of seeing a fault. The more distance that it moves, the bigger the earthquake."

So will we try to save the world only to destroy it?

The Master of the Key warned us about this, when he burst into Whitley Strieber’s hotel room in 1998 and began telling him all about climate change!

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