UPDATE – Jim Marrs said it first, then theologian David Ray Griffin said it: The 911 attacks were a either engineered, or “allowed to happen,” in order to push through the Patriot Act and facilitate the founding of the “Imperial Government” and its invasion of Iraq. Now over 150 scholars and researchers are saying it! Maybe it’s time to listen. UPDATE:Subscribers can listen to a discussion about this between Jim Marrs and Whitley on Sept. 8!

Dr. Lynn Margulis is one of these. A geoscientist who was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1983 and given the National Medal of Science, America’s highest honor for scientific achievement, in 1999 by President Clinton, she says, “The 9/11 tragedy is the most successful and most perverse publicity stunt in the history of public relations?Whoever is responsible for bringing to grizzly fruition this new false-flag operation, which has been used to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as unprecedented assaults on research, education, and civil liberties, must be perversely proud of their efficient handiwork. Certainly, 19 young Arab men and a man in a cave 7,000 miles away, no matter the level of their anger, could not have masterminded and carried out 9/11: the most effective television commercial in the history of Western civilization. I suggest that those of us aware and concerned demand that the glaringly erroneous official account of 9/11 be dismissed as a fraud and a new, thorough, and impartial investigation be undertaken.”

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