The new 55-cent stamp, introduced by the Post Office in February 2001, displays an eagle which looks uncomfortably like the Nazi eagle. According to Al Martin of Almartinraw.comthis design will also be used for the triangular arm badges and hats given to participants in the new Neighborhood Watch program, which will concentrate on identifying “suspicious” characters or even people you know well you are suddenly acting “out of character.” A commercial with Ed McMahon, the new Department of Justice spokesman, suggests that you cooperate with the Neighborhood Watch Association. You will be told how to spot “suspicious” characters or even people you know well, who are suddenly acting “out of character.”

John Ashcroft has christened another homeland security force the “Freedom Corps”, evoking the “Freicorps,” the German army’s “irregulars” that cleared the way for Hitler by murdering social democrats and communists.

It is to be hoped that the unfortunate use of a stamp as tastelessly designed as this one, and the disturbing similarity between Neighborhood Watch badges and Nazi insignia is a coincidence.

But if it’s not, then learn about the secret battle that unfolded during World War II between clashing paranormal philosophies by reading “One Foot in Atlantis” by William Henry. Click here.

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