The NOAA Space Environment Center has issued a bulletinwarning that a major sunspot region is raging on the part ofthe sun that’s visible from the Earth. This same area hasbeen the source of 3 other powerful coronal mass ejections, startingJuly 16. Significant solar activity is expected during the next 2weeks.

There has already been a major flare on July 22 with anintensity great enough to cause radio blackouts. Ageomagnetic storm is expected to begin any day, which couldcontinue to affect radio and navigation signals, as well aselectrical power systems, spacecraft operations, andcommunications systems, including some telephone networks.It means that people who live in lower latitudes may be ableto catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis. Some of theplaces where it will be visible are New York, Madison, WI,Boise, ID, Vladivostok, Russia, Rome, Tasmania, Wellington,NZ, and Puerto Montt, Chile.

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