Although debate continues, independent studies with long-term follow-up strongly suggest an increased risk of brain tumors related to the use of cellular or cordless phones. Researcher .B. Dubey says, "We conclude that the current standard of exposure to microwave during mobile phone use is not safe for long-term exposure and needs to be revised." Some studies have reported that long-term wireless phone users have increased rates of brain tumors, while other studies have found no association. However, based on an analysis of pooled data from different studies, Dubey writes, "Long-term cell phone usage can approximately double the risk of developing a glioma or acoustic neuroma in the more exposed brain hemisphere"–that is, on the side where the user typically holds the phone to the ear. It’s unclear exactly HOW exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones increases brain cancer risk, but studies have shown that the cell signal is absorbed up to two inches in the adult skull. There is special concern about the risks for kids, since cell phone signals penetrate much deeper into their brains. On this website, we always tell you truth about everything–and everything else! Please support the hard work we do: Subscribe today!

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