Every day our brains are flooded by stimulation–sounds, sights and smells. (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). At the same time, we are constantly engaged in an inner dialogue, ruminating about the past, musing about the future. Somehow the brain filters all this input instantly, selecting some things for long- or short-term storage, discarding others and focusing in on what’s most important at any given instant. Amazingly enough, humans regulate the activity of INDIVIDUAL NEURONS to intentionally alter the outcome of all this stimulation.

In fact, individual neurons are able to recognize people, landmarks and objects. Neurosurgeons discovered this when they recorded the activity of single neurons in patients implanted with intracranial electrodes, who were able to manipulate the behavior of an image on a computer screen by thought alone. Researcher Itzhak Fried says, "Looking at these results, people may ask, ‘Do we control our neurons or do our neurons control us?’ while the ultimate reductionist’s answer may be, ‘We ARE our neurons.’" How do contactee experiences CHANGE our brains? Anne Strieber can tell you all about it. If you appreciate what she (and we) do on this site, please support us and subscribe today!

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