The August 21, 2017 solar eclipse was visible as a total eclipse only over the continental United States, but and around the world people observed the event in many different ways. Millions of Americans turned out to see it, including enormous crowds jammed into its narrow path of totality. Observers were generally careful to wear solar-safe glasses. A notable exception to this safety rule was President Donald Trump.

Many spiritual traditions view solar eclipses as times of special power and important observance, and hundreds of thousands of events were held worldwide to recognize the event. hosted a guided meditation, 
still available to subscribers, which coincided with a mass meditation for peace by like-hearts and minds around the world at 11:11 am PST

Pagan traditions see a sacredness in this union of the sun and moon, when the moon’s shadow completely obscures the sun’s light but for that beautiful eerie frame around the planet’s circumference.  Communities along the path of totality gathered to celebrate this magical occurrence.

Another tradition that celebrates nature’s power, Navajo  people did not look up to see the event.  In keeping with tribal practices the time was held sacred as a time to meditate, pray, and share stories of the sun, moon, and creation.  

Across the globe in Asia communities honored their own traditions though outside the path of totality.  The sun and moon guide our nights and days wherever we live on earth, and if ever a time to feel the interconnectedness of our community as a planet, this was one.  

Lama Zopa Rnpoche’s website published it’s own recommendations for Buddhist practitioners during the eclipse; as these kinds of events are said to greatly increase the merit that may be generated by practicing certain mantras, and other rituals.  

NASA coverage during the event included a live webcast from across the country; and the site is a rich resource for minds hungry for history and the science surrounding a total eclipse.  Understandably for scientists who specialize in astronomy and planetary events, this was a very exciting milestone as well as an unparalleled opportunity for research.
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