The August 21, 2017 solar eclipse was visible as a total eclipse only over the continental United States, but and around the world people observed the event in many different ways. Millions of Americans turned out to see it, including enormous crowds jammed into its narrow path of more

Go outside and look up at the sky tonight at twilight. You?ll see a solar eclipse and the Sun will look like a crescent, caused by the moon passing in front of the Sun. Depending on where you live in North America, between 20% and 80% of the Sun will be covered. The partial eclipse will last about 2 hours.

Don?t look directly at the eclipse, as this could harm your eyes. Look through a lens with a solar filter or project an image of the Sun onto a screen through binoculars or a telescope (but don?t look directly through them). You can project the image on a piece of paper or anything else light colored.
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