Off the coast of Cuba – French underwater archaeologists have told a Paris newspaper that they have discovered submerged ruins off the coast of Cuba while examining satellite imagery. In 2001 French/Russian explorer Pauline Zelitsky, operating in the Caribbean near Cuba, announced the discovery of ruins at a depth of 2,300 feet. In 2005 the National Geographic Society was supposed to fund exploration of the site, this was not followed up. There has been little new information published about the Cuba site, except the suggestion that it might be a sonar imaging artifact and not actually present on the sea floor. Now new satellite images appear to show extensive ruins at a much shallower depth, visible beneath the ocean. If they are not a photographic artifact or a geologic feature, they would represent the most extensive ruined city in the whole of the Americas, and would suggest that the area was home to a large civilization that was present before the Caribbean basin was flooded by the melting of the glaciers 12,600 years ago. The discoverers are keeping the co-ordinates of the site secret while they look for financing. They hope to dive the ruins next summer, and are seeking funding for the project. Unlike the deeper ruins, these would be readily accessible by conventional divers, and, if they prove out, could be the most important archaeological discovery in years. Bizarrely, however, there exist images taken of the Hale Crater on Mars that are strikingly similar to the images recently found in the Caribbean. Either they represent the same type of artifacting, or there are similar ruins on Mars. For more information about the Caribbean discovery, click here. To learn more about the imagery from Hale Crater, click here.

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