Your neighborhood may be gaily decorated, with Christmas lights on every house, but is it a healthy place to live? Not if there’s a Meth lab nearby!

When authorities discover a “meth house,” they decontaminate it by removing chemicals, getting rid of carpeting, cleaning walls, and airing the place out for a few days. Researcher Glenn Morrison says, “Most people who live in a former meth house don’t even know it, and some hotel rooms have also been contaminated” (so much for for taking the relatives to the local hotel for the holidays).

If you live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, especially if you can walk to a market selling healthy food, you’ll have less chance to developing Type II diabetes. Researcher Amy H. Auchincloss says, “Current efforts to foster health-promoting environments include designing and modifying physical environments, such as zoning residential neighborhoods to require safe sidewalks, creating parks and attractive public green spaces and improving public transportation so that residents rely less on their cars; supporting fresh-food farmers’ markets in low-income, urban neighborhoods; and assisting stores in those neighborhoods in improving their selection of healthy foods.”

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