It’s been a fairly dull crop circle season in the U.K. this year?until now. A new circle has arrived that appears to be a diagram for an electrical transistor designed 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla. This little-known engineer is credited with inventing, among other things, the radio, a/c electricity and fluorescent lights.

The Western Daily Press says, “But why one of his early diagrams should be recreated in a wheat field near Alton Barnes, the global capital of crop circles, remained a mystery?”

Michael Soper, of Contact International, says, “I’m very interested in this one. It’s almost as if this is the last piece of a jigsaw which we haven’t been able to put together yet, and we’re doing it backwards. Tesla is the one major inventor the establishment hasn’t recognized, and as a result his work and his impact has remained counter-establishment. This clearly shows coils, connectors and a box with the wires curling out and around it. I’ve been trying to think about what this means, but it has to be a message. Perhaps there’s more to the things Tesla came up with than we’ve previously realized and they are trying to point us in the right direction. It has far too many features to be done by people in that short amount of time?how was it done overnight on the shortest night of the year.”

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