Archaeologists studying prehistoric stone carvings near Scotland have found an amazing carving of a face that is much more sophisticated than the other primitive stone art in the vicinity. The question is, where did it come from?

Rocks with simpler markings on them are thought to have been made thousands of years ago by Neolithic and Early Bronze Age people. The “face” could be much younger?perhaps only a few hundred years old. But then what is it doing in the midst of so much prehistoric art?

Archeologist Aron Mazel says, “We have enjoyed speculating about the meaning of these new and unusual markings but the truth is we really don’t know what they are?The stylized face reminds me of works done by Picasso around a hundred years ago that were inspired by African totemic carvings…”

International rock art expert Stan Beckensall says, “The carving?is the most dramatic and is unique. We thought it could have been an elaborate fossil remain but if you examine it carefully you can see it’s made by people?we don’t know how or when.

It’s almost as if someone traveled through time. Dr. Bruce Goldberg says he can teach YOU how to do it!

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