We now know that genes make us fat, which came as a surprise to many of us. Most of us have always assumed we inherited our height, and now researchers have identified the gene that makes us tall (or short). And why in the world do some of us have straight hair, while other people’s hair is curly?

In LiveScience.com, Charles Q. Choi writes that scientists have discovered that curly hair gets less tangled than straight hair. French biophysicist Jean-Baptiste Masson asked hairdressers count tangles the tangles in the hair of over 200 people for a week. 123 of these people had straight hair and 89 of them had curls. It turns out that straight hair gets tangled almost twice as much as curls.

Meanwhile, BBC News reports that other researchers have discovered the first gene that influences how tall we will become. This gene comes in a “tall” or “short” version. Around 25% of white Europeans carry two copies of the “tall” version of the gene, while a similar proportion have two copies of the “short” version. Two copies of the gene means it will definitely be expressed, while having only one copy means that, while you may be short?and even MATE with another short person?you may produce tall children, if the other person also carries a single tall gene.

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