UPDATE: High School inspections – Recent headlines on mainstream media have announced that there are antibiotic-resistant superbugs out there that are worse than AIDS. Is this true–and if so, how can we protect ourselves against them?

Researchers at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and Prevention stated that invasive infections with MRSA could have mortality rates that would exceed those attributed to HIV/AIDS, emphysema, and even homicide. Scientists have discovered a strain of bacteria that can cause ear infections in children that is resistant to all FDA-approved antibiotics for the treatment of ear infections.

What can we do? Believe it or not, one of the BEST things to do is to wash your hands, and make sure your kids do too!

UPDATE: In the Oct. 19 New York Times, Ian Urbina and Bob Driehaus report that in high schools all over the country, “School officials have been scrambling this week to scrub locker rooms, reassure parents and impress upon students the importance of good hygiene. The heightened alarm comes in response to a federal report indicating that the bacteria, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, are responsible for more deaths in the United States each year than AIDS.”

MRSA killed almost 20,000 people in the US in 2005, and the CDC thinks that superbug infections may be twice as common as they thought they were.

The Times story goes on to say that the CDC “found that 27% of all invasive MRSA infections originated in hospitals, while 58% began outside of a hospital but in patients with some recent exposure to the health care system. The remaining 15% of invasive MRSA cases originated in the community without any apparent health care risk factor.” In other words, no one knows how or where those people became infected.

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