It will be like no other trip you’ve ever taken before! William Henry, the host of Revelations, has another Nashville event coming up September 9-11 (his tenth). He says, "The theme of ‘The Anointed’ is this: We need to embrace a galactic consciousness now, and that will make all the difference. Each of us is on a quest to find the Source, the Eternal, and our True Self and to fully empower ourselves for the task ahead. I believe the path leads through the Galactic Heart. This is why I am hosting ‘The Anointed’–it is a journey to the Galactic Heart. For a limited time, buy 2 tickets and GET ONE FREE! So bring a friend, bring a lot of friends." For more information, click here. William is also taking reservations for his next Stargate trip to Egypt, February 14-27, 2012. To find out more, click here and scroll down.

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