A superbug is bacteria that evolves inside hospitals to beresistant to the latest antibiotics. The danger is not onlyto the patient who has it, but to the other patients in thehospital as well. And if it gets into the outside world, itcould sweep through the population until?and if?a newantibiotic can be created that can destroy it. A newsuperbug has been discovered among wounded soldiers in Iraq.

William Cole writes in the Honolulu Advertiser about ClaudeBoushey, a soldier who had surgery in Germany after ahelicopter crash to insert a titanium rod into his left leg.He found out he tested positive for the superbugAcinetobacter baumanii. Boushey says, “I was kind of alarmed. I was like, what is it? It took me aweek just to pronounce it.”

Doctors also discovered the bug in 50 soldiers who wereevacuated from Iraq to the Navy hospital ship Comfort. Twoof them died from the infection. There are no cases insoldiers wounded in Afghanistan, and the superbug is new,because it wasn’t present in patients wounded in the 1991Gulf War.

Colonel Susan Fraser says, “They have come out of Iraq, andthe other oddity is it’s very, very drug-resistant, andthat’s unusual. It’s actually the type of bacteria that wesee in hospitals?oftentimes in intensive-care units. Thisparticular bacteria takes advantage of people who are sick,people who are on ventilators for instance, so they’ve gotartificial breathing tubes, and they’ve got IVs stuck in alldifferent kind of veins. That’s the first time at least thatI’ve seen (the multiple-drug resistant variety).” Why doIraqi soldiers test positive for it? She says, “None of usreally know the answer to that question.”

Why are our soldiers in Iraq? Jim Marrs says it?s all aninsidejob.

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