Global warming will eventually change the areas whereagriculture thrives, as well as the kinds of crops that aregrown. In big countries, the change will happen gradually,once farmers and the government accept the idea that weatherchanges are here to stay. But a small country like Cuba hashad to make drastic changes already.

In Cuba, tropical storms have been alternating with droughtand this has caused farmers to switch to heartier crops.They’re growing varieties of plants that have resistance todrought and they also need crops that can resist the highwinds of tropical storms, since recent storms have destroyedstanding crops.

They’re also looking for crops that need less water, since70% of their reservoir water is used to irrigate farms,while Cuba’s 241 reservoirs are only 39% full.

Cuban farmers are facing the future in a way that farmers inmore modern countries will have to in the future, despitethe fact that they have a shortage of tractors since thecollapse of the Soviet Union, and many of them are plowingwith animals, the way they did a hundred years ago.

Big changes can be made if we havethepower of intention.

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