Correction: Due to a reporting error, Unknowncountry.comstated that this event took place on Sunday, April 5, 2009.It actually took place on September 10, 2006. During asynchronized worldwide meditation, crop circleexperts Ed and Kris Sherwood asked that benevolentextraterrestrials appear during a one hour skywatch theyconducted near their home in Santa Monica, California afterthe meditation. This was successful, and theynot only obtained excellent daylight video of the object,they were able to ask it to maneuver during the videotaping,which also shows a small plane at one point moving betweenthe object and the camera. Sherwood describes exactly how hecalled the visitors inthis video.

Sherwood summoned a UFO through meditation, a practice thatWhitley Strieber and many others have also used withsuccess, but this is the first daylight summoning everrecorded on video, and represents a new level of contact,and one that it is to be hoped will lead to more frequentsuch events, if people are willing to work together to makethis happen.

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Not everyone realizes that Whitley Strieber wrote the perfect how-to-meditate guide, based on the teachings he learned?both through the Gurdjieff work AND from the visitors!

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