On the night of the devastating earthquake that struck Italyon April 6, a lighted, triangular UFO wasvideotapedover Rome, and during the day on April 5, daylight video ofan unknown object was taken by UFO witness Antonio Urzi over Milan. Urzi is one of a small number of close encounterwitnesses around the world who are able to take video likethis frequently. The video includes shots of passers-bywatching the object. There is anecdotal evidence of UFOsappearing just prior to many catastrophes, especiallyearthquakes.

Turkish UFO expert Haktan Akdogan reports that there washeavy UFO activity over Turkey just prior to the 1999earthquake that killed 30,000 people. Akdogan also reportsthat “(in Izmir Sea) on April 5th, we had many sightings, andsome pictures were taken too.” Does this mean that therewill be another quake in Turkey? Only time will tell.

Just prior to the August 15, 2007 earthquake in Peru, UFOswere seen all over the country. For the most part, thesewere flashing lights, but they were bright enough to resultin massive witness reports from Peru?s capital, Lima. Therewere UFOsreportedall over southern Asia in the days before the December 2004tsunami that killed a quarter of a million people. InEngland, the February 29, 2008 Lincolnshire quake waspreceded by reports ofearthquakelights.

It has been theorized that such lights are generated by anunknown piezoelectric effect that occurs when fault linesreach an extreme level of stress. However, the cleardaylight pictures from Milan are of an unknown object. Theyare not flashes of light, and the Rome UFO appears to be asoftly lit triangular structure familiar in UFO literaturefor fifty years.

Unknowncountry.com thanks Italian UFO expertPaola Harris for herreporting on this story.

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