Crop circles have shown up in Connecticut and Wisconsin.Local resident Adam Prince was driving past FrancisSwoboda’s field in the town of Tilden, Wisconsin when “Ijust looked at it I could see something up in the field.” Itturned out to be a crop circle.

Candice Novitzke writes in the Chippewa (Wisconsin) FallsHerald that the formation consists of three circles linkedtogether by an 5-foot wide path. (To see a photo of the cropcircle,clickhere. The middle circle is 65 feet in diameter, while thetwo smaller ones are each about 54 feet in diameter. Nofootprints can be seen nearby.

Investigators Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk have discovered thatbefore the circles were made, a straight, eight-inch widepath was made through the center of the area, which mighthave been the way the circle makers maneuvered aroundwithout leaving footprints. Lewis says, “It would bedifficult to get in and out of here without being seen, butnot impossible.”

In New Milford, Connecticut, Martha Bailey woke up to findmost of her corn field flattened. Her granddaughter Shannonsays, “Maybe aliens touched down.”

Kamilla Gary writes in the (Connecticut) News-Times thatBailey’s garden is enclosed by a 7-foot-tall chicken wireand wood fence. She grows yellow and white corn, as well assquash and tomatoes. In the middle of the corn patch, aperfect square of corn stalks lay perfectly flat, all bentdown in one direction. She says, “Everything was secure, thegates were locked, it had to be something that touched downand flattened it.”

Her son Eric says, “Who in their right mind would do thatand not take credit for it?”

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