Soldiers have it even tougher than we think?they may have tocook dinner in their own urine. The same researchers whothought this up also created an “indestructible sandwich”for troops that stays fresh for three years.

Duncan Graham-Rowe writes in New Scientist that U.S. foodscientists working for the military have developed driedfood rations that troops can hydrate by peeing on it. Itcomes in a pouch containing a filter that removes 99.9% ofbacteria and most toxic chemicals from the water used torehydrate it. This means they can also use water that’s notfit to drink.

The idea is to reduce the amount of water soldiers need tocarry. One day’s food supply of three meals can be reducedin weight using dehydrated pouches. The first pouch, whichcontains chicken and rice, uses a filter with gaps thatallow only water molecules to pass through.

Hydration Technology, which makes the membrane, sayssoldiers should only use urine in an emergency because themembrane is too coarse to filter it out and rehydrating foodthis way over a long period of time will cause kidney damage.

The French army travels with its own gourmet chefs. Maybewe’d have happier soldiers if we did it that way too.

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