For the first time, the majority of Palestinians are no longer supporting Yasser Arafat, according to a new opinion poll. But they still support suicide bombing.

In the survey of 1,320 adults, conducted between August 18 and 20, only 26% still supported the Fatah movement, which is controlled by Arafat. They aren’t voting for peace: a majority of Palestinians reject a ceasefire with Israel and support continued suicide attacks on civilians. In all earlier polls, Arafat has always been more popular than the opposition groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The Palestinian state has banned local and foreign news personnel from photographing and publishing pictures of children receiving military training. The ban includes photographs of children carrying weapons or dressed in military-style uniforms. The ban came after Israeli and foreign journalists reported on Palestinian and Hamas training of hundreds of children to join the war against Israel. Children were actively recruited as soldiers by the Nazis towards the end of World War II and are recruited today by rebel groups in Africa.

Historians don?t like to admit it, but the Nazis were also fighting a religious war. Read all about it in ?Unholy Alliance? by Peter Levenda, click here.

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