‘N Sync singer Lance Bass will not be the 3rd space tourist in October, since he’s been asked to leave Russia’s cosmonaut training program. Sergei Gorbunov, of the Russian Space Agency, says there have been “crude violations” of his contract. “It’s over,” he says. The U.S. rock star was granted several deadline extensions after failing to come up with the $20 million cost. Bass has already undergone extensive training at NASA?s Star City astronaut training center.

Jeff Manber of MirCorp, who is raising money for Bass? trip, still thinks the mission will go ahead and blames paperwork problems for the delay. “It is a little dramatic to say he was kicked out,” he says. “He was training at Star City yesterday. He is not training today, but he will be back there probably tomorrow or the day after.”

Gorbunov says that in place of Bass, the Russians will send up extra equipment needed on the International Space Station. If the trip comes off, Bass, age 23, will be the youngest person ever to travel in space.

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