A listener alerted us to a mysterious green or yellow substance that fell from the sky in Syracuse, New York over the past few days. Syracuse television station WSTM has carried out laboratory analysis and the substance has found not to be a de-icing chemical falling from planes.

Our listener says, “They have been covering this story on TV for the past three days. The local ?experts? insist that it?s bird droppings. Yeah, from BIG BIRD. They showed video of these houses on the evening news, and there?s no way that it?s bird waste unless a huge flock of birds all relieved themselves at the same time. We have a ton of snow here and these houses have yellow-green icicles hanging off their roofs.”

As of January 8, further tests carried out by the station confirm that the substance is not bird droppings, as had been theorized by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The New York State DEC is expected to release its test results on the substance next week. The material is concentrated in the flight path of Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

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