Three major storms are now active around the planet, andmore are developing. Tropical Storm Ernesto has causedflooding along the US eastern seaboard, Hurricane John isstriking Baja California, and Supertyphoon Ioke hascompletely inundated Wake Island with forty foot waves,after the entire population of 200 US Air Force personnelwere evacuated. Wake Island has a maximum elevation of 18feet, and damage there is expected to be devastating.

Ioke is the strongest central Pacific typhoon in at least 12years, and this was the first time Wake has been evacuatedin 30 years.

Oceanic ‘hot spots’ such as the east central Pacific, theCarribbean and, most particuarly, the Gulf of Mexico,continue to be areas where storms can become dangerous veryquickly.

Ioke, an extremely dangerous storm with sustained winds of130 MPH, is presently headed toward Japan. As it moves northnorthwest toward central Japan, it is not expected to weakendue to warmer than normal waters in the area. At present,the storm is on a track to strike approximately a hundredmiles south of Tokyo, and is likely to make landfall nextThursday or Friday.

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