A report on the inquest into the death of Princess Dianathat was being prepared by UK Metropolitan PoliceCommissioner Lord Stevens has been delayed after RoyalCoroner Michael Burgess stepped down, claiming an excessiveworkload.

Prior to her death, Princess Diana claimed in a letter thather husband, Prince Charles, was planning to kill her, andMohammed al Fayed, her lover’s father, has questionedprevious conclusions that the deaths of the Princess and hisson, Dodi al Fayed, were the result of an auto accident.

Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss has taken over the inquiry, andwill review documents relating to the deaths. She has been aHigh Court and Appeals Court Judge, and President of theFamily Division, and is greatly respected within the Britishjudiciary.

There is public concern that crucial elements ofthe case have not yet been revealed, and it is hoped thatLady Butler-Sloss will convene a jury to investigate thecase. However, it seems likely that her appointment willlead to a decision not to do so, a decision that the RoyalCoroner may have been unwilling to make.

Diana was a troubled and remarkable woman with a wide rangeof interests, and a deeply alive human being with a passionfor the welfare of humankind.

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