62-year-old physicist Stephen Hawking, who is paralyzed by Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is in the hospital because he may have been tortured by someone close to him. Hawking, best known for his book “A Brief History of Time,” is now in the hospital and a police investigation has been launched into claims that he’s been seen with mysterious cuts and bruises, as well as being left outside in his wheelchair, where he suffered from sunburn and heatstroke. One nurse says leaving him stranded there was a form of “torture.”

Rosa Prince writes in The (U.K.) Mirror that police detectives are waiting for him to leave intensive care before they question him. They also want to talk to his second wife Elaine, a nurse he married 14 years ago. A source says, “The family are worried sick. They’ve been suspicious for some time someone has been harming Stephen. The children are desperate to stop it, but don’t know what to do because he refuses to admit it. Stephen is famously one of the most intelligent men in the country, so he must know what’s going on.”

His family first contacted the police in 2000, because they were worried about a series of mysterious injuries he had, including a broken wrist. But Hawking has refused to allow police to question him and his wife in separate rooms. One source says, “He was absolutely adamant his home life was his own affair and refused to admit there was anything wrong. It was frustrating, but there was nothing more the police could do other than keep an eye on it. Now it looks like the same thing might be happening again.”

The family suspect that he’s being tortured by someone who has the mental disease known as Munchausen’s-by-Proxy. Munchausen’s Disease causes people to physically harm themselves in order to get attention. In Munchausen’s-by-Proxy, people hurt OTHER people in order to get attention. They often hurt vulnerable people who are close to them, such as mothers harming their children.

The most evil deeds are those done in secret.

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