In the Woody Allen movie “Sleeper,” Woody’s body is frozen and he wakes up years later to discover that in order to have an orgasm, people simply go into an “orgasm box.” Now fiction has become reality: researchers have created “Slightest Touch,” a device that can give women orgasms by only touching their ankles.

It works by stimulating the sexual nerve pathway. Women drink an electrolyte sports drink 20 minutes before using it, then apply two white electrode pads inside their ankles and turn on the machine. Slightest Touch sends gentle pulses up the woman’s leg for between 10 and 30 minutes leaving women on the edge of climax.

“The Slightest Touch does not provide an orgasm,” says customer support director Cherisse Davidson. “It gently stimulates the sexual nerve pathways taking the woman to a pre-orgasmic plateau where she dangles on the edge of orgasm for as long as she wants. From there, gentle stimulation can then effect the orgasm.” Slightest Touch sells for $139.95.

How did they do this in the past? First, Shirley Andrews makes a convincing case that there WERE civilizations on earth before history, that were destroyed about 10,000 years ago. THEN she goes further: she tells us the haunting message they have for us today.

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