When it comes to spring cleaning, some of us have to do it ourselves, and the experts think we should take it easy. Researcher Donna Duberg says, “Ask yourself the question: How contaminated is my house?”

Duberg says you actually can make yourself sick from cleaning by being too vigilant. “People think if some is good, more is better,” Duberg says. “That’s not always true.”

For instance, Duberg says, “Some people scrub their toilet bowl with a product that contains ammonia to remove rust stains, then follow up by pouring down a shot of bleach. They think that extra little bit of effort will kill germs. Actually, they?re making chlorine gas, a caustic mixture that actually was used as a weapon during World War I.”

…And don’t forgt to zap your sponge!

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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