For years, there have been contradictory reports about whether or not cell phones cause brain tumors. The good news is that a new study shows that they definitely DO NOT–but they may cause another kind of problem, depending on where you carry them.

A new study from Japan, where they use cell phones A LOT, that proves that cell phones do not increase the risk of brain tumors. Tokyo Women’s Medical University compared over 300 brain cancer patients with almost 700 healthy people, asking them how many years they?d been using a cell phone and how long they talked on it every day. They also studied the radiation emitted from different types of phones.

BBC News quotes researcher Naohito Yamaguchi as saying, "Using our newly developed and more accurate techniques, we found no association between mobile phone use and cancer, providing more evidence to suggest they don’t cause brain cancer."

They quote UK cancer researcher Lesley Walker as saying, "So far, studies have shown no evidence that mobile use is harmful, but we can’t be completely sure about their long-term effects."

BUT researchers have found a link between cell phone use and low sperm quality. In Yahoo News, Amy Norton writes that a new study shows that "the more hours the men spent on their cell phones each day, the lower their sperm count and the greater their percentage of abnormal sperm." She quotes researcher Ashok Agarwal as saying, "Our results show a strong association of cell phone use with decreased semen quality. However, they do not prove a cause-and- effect relationship."

We suspect it’s not TALKING on the phone that’s the problem, it’s where they’re carrying it when they’re NOT talking on it.

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