Spontaneous Human Combustion is thought to occur when aperson is found burned to death, but nothing much aroundthem has caught on fire. Often only the bed or chair theywere on shows signs of being burned, while the rest of thearea is intact. The theory that the human body canspontaneously combust is controversial, but a recent case inFlorida may be an example of it.

Dana Treen writes in the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Unionthat an apartment fire that burned a couch, blistered wallsand killed an 86-year-old Jacksonville woman went unnoticedby neighbors. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Departmentspokesman Tom Francis says, “I’ve never heard anything likeit. There’s no smoke. There’s no smoldering embers. There’snothing.” Firefighters can’t figure out what caused thefire?or what put it out.

The woman was found dead near the front door of her secondfloor apartment about 3 p.m. in the afternoon whenmaintenance workers at a vacant apartment next door becamesuspicious when they saw soot stains surrounding theapartment door. Francis says, “When they opened the door,they immediately noticed there was some fire damage.” Butthe scene was cold as if the fire had been out for a longtime. There is evidence that the woman died from smokeinhalation.

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