A new study shows that people with attractive voices aremore sexually adventurous. When researchers asked 149 menand women to rate the attractiveness of recorded voices,they found the most appealing voices belonged to peoplewho’d had sex at an earlier age and had more sexual partners.

Researcher Gordon Gallup says, “?Ratings of voiceattractiveness are correlated with promiscuity in both menand women.” For unknown biological reasons, symmetricalpeople, who are considered more attractive, also have sexiervoices. Men with broad shoulders and narrow hips, which arerelated to a high testosterone level, tend to have sexier,more attractive voices. Women with appealing voices tend tohave narrow waists and broad hips.

One theory is that before artificial lighting, people had torely on voices, to tell what people looked like after dark.We eventually developed a preference for the type of voicesthat belong to better looking people.

This may still hold true, since many people meet up in darkbars or clubs, or get to know each other via cell phones.However, as internet dating takes over, this may finally change.

If you’re looking for sexy shamanism, study thescintillatingwayof the bee!

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