Computer spammers are still around, for one big reason: There’s a recession on and these guys are making lots of money DESPITE THE FACT that they only get one response for every 12 MILLION emails they send out!

Researchers discovered this by setting up a fake pharmacy and sending out their own spam. BBC News quotes researcher Stefan Savage as saying, “The best way to measure spam is to be a spammer?.[but] after 26 days, and almost 350 million e-mail messages, only 28 sales resulted.”

Does this mean spam is no longer working? On the contrary, spammers are sending out so many messages that a return of was less than 0.00001% is GOOD?just not as good as it used to be in old days before computer firewalls.

Is your computer spying on you while you’re picking up your email? If you’re using a hotel internet connection, it could be. A new study shows that travelers who use a hotel’s Internet network risk the possibility of data theft because most hotels still use simple systems, which are vulnerable to hacking.

In, George Lowery quotes researcher Josh Ogle as saying, “I found that of the 39 hotels that offered WiFi connections, only six used encryption to help protect the system.”

Lowery quotes Ogle?s co-researcher Erica L. Wagner as saying, “?We were forced to conclude that guests’ data transmissions are often at risk when they use a hotel’s network?Improving security does not have to be costly.”

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