If we can’t find a way to stop producing too many greenhouse gases, maybe the solution is to CLEAN them out of the air!

Researchers are figuring out how to removed CO2 from the air using technology that ALREADY exists.

Physorg.com quotes researcher David Keith as saying, “At first thought, capturing CO2 from the air where it’s at a concentration of 0.04% seems absurd, when we are just starting to do cost-effective capture at power plants where CO2 produced is at a concentration of more than 10%. But the thermodynamics suggests that air capture might only be a bit harder than capturing CO2 from power plants. We are trying to turn that theory into engineering reality?A company could, in principle, contract with an oilsands plant near Fort McMurray to remove CO2 from the air and could build its air capture plant wherever it’s cheapest?China, for example?and the SAME AMOUNT of CO2 would be removed.”

Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson has offered a $25 million prize to anyone who can invent a method to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year for at least a decade. Maybe Keith has finally succeeded.

Physorg.com quotes Keith as saying, “While it’s important to get started doing things we know how to do, like wind power nuclear power and ‘regular’ carbon capture and storage, it’s also vital to start thinking about radical new ideas and approaches to solving this problem.”

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

If we’re going to stave off disaster, we need to change direction and follow the right path so we can clean up our act here on earth. Don’t forget the wise words of that wise pundit who said: “Mankind is trapped. I want to help you spring the trap.” “The veil between the worlds can fall. The undiscovered country can become your backyard.” “Your destiny, each of you, is to become all of God.”

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