This week on Dreamland, Whitley interviews prominent Italian UFO Investigator Paola Harris, who says, “Saturday night over Milan there was a Sighting of 5 Objects that lingeredin the air from 11:00 PM till 5:00 AM and our TV news channels covered it. Like the Phoenix lights, no one knows what to do.”

The story was covered on Italian Television and in the newsmedia, and the conclusion was drawn that the objects wereunexplained. Unlike the Phoenix lights, however, there wereno US military bases in the area that could issue falseclaims of dropping flares, so the objects at this timeremain a pure unknown.

Paola Harris also states, “something is in the air thattells me something ” big” is about to happen,” and WhitleyStrieber agrees that this is possible. “From the beginning,I have speculated that extended interaction might start witha series of protracted appearances like this one over majorcities. If this is correct, then the phenomenon will spreadto other large cities in the near future.”

Initially, witnesses assumed that the objects were stars,but they changed both color and shape, causing observers tocall police and news media.

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