We’re in an emergency that is unacknowledged by our government and ignored by the mainstream media. Two huge glaciers in Greenland have recently begun melting, meaning that sea levels will inevitably rise worldwide. Our own government, in the form of NOAA, recently issued a statement saying that “Nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1995.” CNN cites a report from the UK saying that in the last two years, the Kangerdlugssuaq and Helheim glaciers have doubled their rate of flow into the ocean. This means that even environmentalists who have warned us about a sea rise of over 20 feet, due to global warming and glacier melt, have underestimated the problem. The Greenland ice sheet contains one-tenth of the world’s freshwater reserves. If it melts and flows into the ocean, diluting its salinity, it will alter the gulf stream that warms Europe, making it much colder there. Whitley Strieber and Art Bell brought this idea to the public for the first time with their book The Coming Global Superstorm, which was made into the film The Day After Tomorrow.

To learn more, click here and here. Everyone should read these important stories. And be sure to read James Lovelock’s new message about global warming. Finally, in 2008, be sure to vote for the candidate who is willing to talk frankly about global warming.

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