Well-known special effects artist and abductee Steve Neill has been diagnosed with an apparent implant in his right forearm. The object is to be removed by Dr. Roger Leir’s surgical team.

The object is circular, approximately 1/4 inch in diameter and about 1/16th of an inch thick. The forearm also displayed a fracture line at a 45 degree angle near the location of the implant. Despite this, Mr. Neill has no pain in the arm.This is similar to a painless fracture line found in the arm of abductee Jesse Long, who had an unknown object removed from his left shin in 1989, and the mysteriously fused vertebrae that are present in Whitley Strieber’s neck.

While Neill’s object can easily be felt from the surface and is not a cyst or any ordinary subcutaneous material, it offers only a faint X-ray return and thus probably is not metal. It is hoped that it will prove to be made of the same strange material as Mr. Long’s implant, and will be studied as soon as the removal is carried out. In shape and size, it is unique among apparent implants found so far.

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