I will be adding to this section frequently, as I delve deeper and deeper into the new document release.

I am not capable of evaluating textual authenticity, and do not advance any claim that I can prove anything about whether or not these texts are hoaxes or not, but if anything I know does shed light on that issue, I will certainly advance it. It is my primary intention to comment on the contents of the documents and not their authenticity. Nevertheless, whatever authentication work I can do, I certainly will.

I know that many of you are having trouble reading the documents as they appear on the Kairos website because of their formatting. Hopefully, that situation will soon be improved.

The Oppenheimer/Einstein analysis: This document mentions that extraterrestrials discovering us to be in a state of political confusion might place us under their “tutelage.” It also speculates that they might secretly integrate themselves into our culture, “colonizing,” it, in effect, from within.

These are either prescient statements by two of the most brilliant men of the era, or a very thoughtfully devised forgery. The statements are not central to the theme of the document, but only occur in passing, as they would if it was being written at a time when the policies of the visitors could only be speculated about. This speaks to the authenticity of this document, but the grotesque spelling error (repeated use of the word “celestrial” for “celestial”) is most unlike Robert Oppenheimer, who was a careful and very well-informed writer. He would never make a mistake like this.

The document is dated in June, before Oppenheimer joined Einstein at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, so it is possible that it was written by Einstein with Oppenheimer’s verbal participation. If this is true, then Einstein’s rather stilted grammar and occasional misspellings, which are apparent in many other things he wrote, might explain the grammatical condition of this text.

The Twining Directive: It mentions that Twining should make “a brief trip to the Sandia AEC facility to make an appraisal of the situation there.” I have heard rumors of Atomic Energy Commission involvement in the investigation. In addition, I am aware of the possible existence of a paper written by AEC member Dr. John Von Neumann concerning the dangers of contact with extraterrestrials. I wrote a story based on my beliefs about the contents of this paper called “The Open Doors.” My uncle, Col. Strieber, also mentioned to me the involvement of the AEC.

Basically, Von Neumann’s thesis was– allegedly– that since the actual fabric of reality is to an extent structured by the perceiving mind, the appearance of an alien mind in our presence would at best threaten that meaning might descend into chaos, and at worst that it might literally change to reflect the expectations of the invaders. It also explained that, until we accepted them as real, they would have only a very limited access to our world. Our reality would, in effect, shut theirs out until we actually let it in. This would all pertain even if they were simply from another planet. We need not be talking about beings from other dimensions, if such exist.

This would mean that a sort of war would end up being waged, essentially over how the physics of the world unfolded. Their weapons would be whatever they could apply that would convince us that they were real, constrained by their limited access to our world. Our weapons would be secrecy, denial and disinformation.

This is exactly what is actually happening, it would seem to me.

Also in this directive it is stated that “you proceed with detachment from any opinions or feelings expressed by personnel which do not conform to sound reasoning with regard to the possible outcome. In presenting the findings of your mission you should endeavor to state as concisely as possible your estimate of the character, extent, and probable consequences in the event that assistance is not given.”

This statement could refer to the belief among certain personnel that the aliens were demons. Indeed, as an abductee, it is easy to see the situation in terms of demons and angels. But whether this interpretation fits the reality or not is unknown. It is worth noting that there was obviously a refusal on the part of some personnel to deal with the situation. The reference to suicides among MPs guarding the remains will seem extreme to some, but no abductee will be in the least surprised.

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