If it takes generations to travel to other galaxies, this is something we’ll have to deal with in the future, since one generation will leave the earth and another generation will arrive at the destination. One problem is?weightlessness.

NASA space physician Dr. James Logan says, “Sex in micro-g might be a little underwhelming. That is, the fantasy might be vastly superior to the reality. It?s a pretty messy environment?for every action there?s an equal and opposite reaction.” (We thought sex was always that way). He says that sex in a zero gravity spacecraft will have to be “choreographed”?in other words, planned instead of spontaneous.

Fred Alan Wolf is the question-and-answer man of quantum physics?maybe he has an solution for problem as well. Speaking of amazing information, Whitley’s new novel The Grays is filled with it, and it?s coming soon (on August 22nd to be precise), and Whitley will soon be sending a signed bookplate to every subscriber, so don?t miss your chance to get one: subscribe today and order your copy of The Grays TODAY.

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